Vegas Neon Museum: New Early Mornings

The sparkly signs spot will have start-the-day tours for summertime.

MORNING IN LAS VEGAS... is very rarely pictured on the front of guidebooks and visitor magazines, truth be told. And with understandable reason, too, for when you are a city that is synonymous with nightlife, with lavish shows running into the wee smalls, with casinos and clubs that push past the hour when even devoted night owls begin to yawn, morningtime can take a backseat. Of course, it's a secret time of day for some visitors, beloved for the fact that a solid buffet, and an uncrowded, no-rush stroll along The Strip, are two major, easy-to-obtain benefits. If Sin City just after sunrise is your jam, and you're looking to fill some fun time between a wake-up hike out at Red Rock Canyon and your date with your hotel's pool later in the morning, look to the Neon Museum, which just announced early-in-the-day tours for the summer of '16. 

"EARLY IN THE DAY"... means different things in different places, but at the signage destination it means the first tour'll start at 8 o'clock (which, let's be honest, is still pretty dang early, if not crack-of-dawn-ish early). It's a fresh way to admire all of the Vegas-to-the-max over-sized artifacts, especially because the signs were originally built for nighttime wow . The morning tours of the Neon Boneyard -- there'll be five each morning, on the half hour, from 8 to 10:30 -- will take in some of these bulb-laden behemoths, all in the fresh light of day. The final date for the guide-led morning walks? Sept. 18, 2016. 

TRUE, the vintage signs of Las Vegas weren't solely meant to be seen by night, as they were perfectly readable in the daytime, too. So ponder how a morning tour will give a little love to that under-loved legacy, the neon sign's daytime duties. And maybe we should take it all back, that Sin City isn't a morning town. After all, many a reveler pushes through the moonlit hours with a vow to see the sun come up over the tops of all of those mega hotels, a sight that belongs to Vegas alone.

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