US Postal Service Warns of Email Scam That Could Steal Personal Information


The US Postal Service issued a warning about an email scam that could steal recipient's personal information.

In the email, the scammer claims to be the Postmaster General. The scammer notifies the recipient about an failed attempt to deliver a package worth $100,000 and asks for personal information in order to deliver the package. USPS said this type of email is a scam and that USPS would not reach out directly to demand money.

Other scams include emails asking for payment on unpaid online postage charges or requesting the recipient confirm their delivery information by downloading an attachment. The downloaded attachment can activate a virus and steal personal information like passwords, usernames and financial account information.

USPS said the Postal Inspection Service is working to stop the emails and protect your personal information.

USPS has some tips on how to protect yourself from email scams

  • Do not give out personal information over email
  • Poor grammar and spelling errors in an email can indicate it is a fraudulent email
  • Be wary of urgent emails or emails that require "immediate action"
  • Forward emails you think could be spam to then delete the email.
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