U.S. Customers Get the New iPad First

U.S. customers are likely getting the new iPad before anyone else, because international customers are being delayed so American consumers get their iPads delivered on time.

Customers in the United Kingdom received notices this week that their iPad delivery would be delayed until March 20, MacRumors reported. The missive sent out to U.K. customers:

Despite our best efforts and those of our shipping partners to get your order to you on time, we want to inform you that it will not arrive on its originally scheduled delivery date.
Your new delivery date is 20/03/2012. 
Once you receive your Shipment Notification email, you can check the delivery status of your order by clicking the Track Shipment button, or by visiting the Apple Store and clicking Account.
We regret the delay and apologise for the inconvenience. 
Kind regards, 
Apple Online Store

In the meantime, U.S. customers received information that their iPads would be delivered at the end of the day on March 16. 
While delivery dates do change based on demand and inventory, the report seems to indicate that Apple is sacrificing goodwill in at least one of its European markets for its U.S. one. While most Americans will be cheering that fact, the rest of the world may not be so pleased. But who cares? U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
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