Unarmed Man Beaten in Traffic Stop Settles for $1.4M

An unarmed black man who was repeatedly punched, kicked and Tasered during a January traffic stop in the Detroit suburb of Inkster has agreed to a $1.4 million settlement with the city, NBC affiliate WDIV reported Wednesday. "Money isn't everything," the man, Floyd Dent, told the station. "You can't buy happiness." Dent's arrest on alleged assault and drug charges during a routine traffic stop continues to haunt him, he said. Dashcam video of the incident showed one Inkster officer, William Melendez, putting Dent, 57, in a chokehold and repeatedly punching him. Prosecutors dropped the charges against Dent, who claimed police planted a bag of crack cocaine underneath his passenger seat during the stop. A Wayne County district court judge is expected to decide Thursday if there's enough evidence to put Melendez on trial. Dent is expected to testify.

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