‘Uber for Kids’ Gets $2.6 Million


A new "Uber for kids" startup called Shuddle will ferry children around the Bay Area, reports said.

The startup has raised $2.6 million in funding and was founded by Sidecar founder Nick Allen, according to the Re/Code. Allen reportedly decided to create the new service when he saw a lot of families using Sidecar to transport their children. He decided there needed to be a new business for children.

“They don’t have the right insurance, and it’s against the terms and conditions — you have to be 18,” Allen told the Re/Code. “They’re not built for a third person to monitor the ride.”

Shuddle shuttles kids to school, games or to other houses without needing Mom and Dad. For $9 a month and "plus per-ride fees", parents can use the service -- but the rides have to scheduled a week in advance.
For those parents who are less than enthused about turning their children over to strangers, Shuddle promises more safety than the typical Uber. The drivers need a background check, childcare experience and must go through training. The new rules have changed the workforce -- so far, the first 100 drivers are women.
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