Turtle Found Frozen Thaws Out, Survives

A turtle defied the odds by surviving being frozen solid.

The turtle, appropriately named for "Frozen" character Elsa, was found frozen in a tank in a yard last week. Elsa was surrendered to an animal control officer and taken -- still frozen -- to the Pennsylvania SPCA's shelter hospital. There, the tank and turtle were exposed to heat. Within an hour or so, the turtle began blinking and coming to.

Elsa likely has been frozen before because she is missing her toes and her shell is badly damaged, said the PSPCA. Consequently, Elsa will need surgery to remove some dead shell and tissue, and also to repair the cracks in her shell.

Elsa is expected to survive.

SPCA hoped Elsa's survival story would remind people that it's important to protect all animals, not just cats and dogs, from cold weather.

The investigation into animal cruelty charges remained ongoing.

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