Turn Your iPad Into a Laptop for $250


The Crux Loaded case is an iPad case/enhancement that gives your tablet a keyboard, trackpad and extended battery, turning it into a full-fledged laptop.

For $250, you get this case made for your iPad to pop into it. The external battery in its base gives you an extra 7.5 hours of battery life on top of the iPad's already impressive battery life. You also get a keyboard and trackpad that connects to the tablet via Bluetooth, although you'll need a remote desktop app to really make use of that. But hey, if you want to remotely use your computer from afar on a laptop, and you already have an iPad, and you don't mind spending $250 to do so, here you go.

Of course, for the price of an iPad plus this case, you could buy yourself a pretty decent stand-alone laptop. But it's nice to have options!

Crux via Engadget

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