Baldwin's Trump and ‘Spicey' Tackle Russia Ties, Comey on ‘SNL'

"That's right — Spicey's back, Sarah's out," McCarthy said as her now-iconic character

Alec Baldwin's President Donald Trump sat down for an exclusive interview with Michael Che's Lester Holt for this week's "Saturday Night Live" cold open, mirroring the real interview that took place on NBC Thursday.

Baldwin's Trump spoke candidly about the real reason he decided to dismiss former FBI Director James Comey.

"I fired him because of Russia," he said. "I thought, 'He is investigating Russia. I don't like that. I should fire him.'" 

The "Nightly News" anchor looked stunned at Trump's blunt confession to obstructing justice. 

"Wait, so, did I get him? Is this all over?" Holt asked to someone off-camera. "Oh, no I didn't? Nothing matters, absolutely nothing matters anymore?"

Holt went on to ask if he ever secretly taped Comey, because the real Trump hinted about it on Twitter. 

"Listen Keenan, I don't know, okay? Probably," Trump said. "I tape a lot of people, I tape whoever I want, whatever I want. Some people have called me a 'serial tapist' and it's true, I am. When you're president, they let you do it."

In explaining how he is different from former President Richard Nixon, Trump repeated Nixon's infamous line: "I am nothing like Nixon because I am not a crook." 

Melissa McCarthy hosted the anticipated episode of "SNL," which was her fifth time as host, and reprised her fan-favorite role as White House press secretary Sean Spicer. But "Spicey" didn't start at the podium — instead, the press secretary was hiding in bushes, a riff on reports of the real Spicer's recent attempt to elude reporters following Comey's dismissal.

Aidy Bryant's Sarah Huckabee Sanders called the hiding a "naval exercise" before Spicer pushed her out of the way to take over the press briefing. 

"That's right — Spicey's back. Sarah's out," McCarthy said.

Reporters grilled Spicer on Trump's sudden decision to fire Comey. But "Spicey" stood by the president.

"Alright, let me just put this whole Russia thing to bed, once and for all," the press secretary said. "Trump is innocent. How do we know? Because he told us so. Period."

However, reporters pushed back against Spicer, asking if Trump had lied to his staff and was purposely making Spicer look like a fool at each briefing.

"But he wouldn't do that," Spicer said, looking unsure. "He's my friend."

Spicer, in a crisis of conscience, abruptly ended the press briefing to look for Trump in New York City.

McCarthy as Spicer then rolled her lectern into the streets of Manhattan as Simon & Garfunkel's "The Only Living Boy in New York" played in the background, a taped stunt that went viral Friday. In the scene, Spicer promises to "talk better" if given another chance. 

After finding Trump at a golf course in New Jersey, Spicer asked if Trump has ever made him lie to the public.

"Only since you started working here," Trump said. 

Spicer then asked if the rumors about getting fired are true. The president responded with an attempt to give Spicer the "kiss of death."

Colin Jost and Michael Che kicked off "Weekend Update" with Comey's dismissal.

"Trump said he decided to fire Comey himself because Comey quote 'wasn't doing a good job,' adding, 'For example, I'm still president,'" Jost said.

Jost said that Trump firing Comey while under investigation is the equivalent of shooting an approaching drug-sniffing dog at the airport.

"People would really wonder what's in that bag. Or, they would just assume you work for United," he said.

"Everything Trump does sounds like the trailer of a wacky movie," Che added. "The next headline should come with a record scratch and a fun song."

Haim was this week's musical guest. The group performed two songs, "Want You Back" and "Little of Your Love."

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