“Toy Story” Characters Only Bow to Steve Jobs

Everyone is either in line to see "Toy Story 3" or to buy the latest iPhone, and one man's fingerprints are all over both massive hits.

Add the fact that Steve Jobs is a co-founder of Pixar and still on Pixar parent Disney's board of directors, and the answer is yes, it's Steve Jobs' world, even in animation. Apple carries the day in "Toy Story 3."

"I'm sure he noticed," director Lee Unkrich tells PopcornBiz. "But I didn't ask him about it."

First there was Andy's noticeable laptop. While its looks Mac-ish, it's generic. Unkrich says he "thought about making it a Mac, but I was worried it might reek of product placement." He moved to a safer place.

Even generic, he notes "the interface does look like a Mac on the screen."

But the film team started to lighten up after that. They even gave Molly, Andy's kid sister, a real iPod. "At a certain point we thought, what's the harm?" says Unkrich.

Finally, there's the scene of the computer used by the toys. It's an iMac with OSX and Safari. "We just thought why not?" says Unkrich.

"It's a love letter to Steve and his involvement."

Before you can say "suck-up," it's helpful to remember Jobs' integral role in the company's early days. "Toy Story" producer Darla Anderson says, "we wouldn't be here without Steve."

Okay, now go ahead and say "suck up."

The final touch. A special Steve Jobs thank you at the end of the movie. "Whether he owns the company or not, his DNA is here," says Unkrich.

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