Beckham to Take Part in Opening Ceremony

David Beckham didn't make it on the Olympic men's soccer roster, but that won't stop him from taking part in the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics. The Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder declined to divulge any details about his role, in keeping with the national "save the surprise" campaign. "It is some kind of role in the opening ceremony which I am honored to be involved in because obviously I was involved in the start process with this seven years ago," Beckham told The Associated Press. Although the 37-year-old will not get to play in Britain's first Olympic football team since the 1960 Games, he hasn't ruled out representing his country in the future. "I'll always have ambitions in football as long as I am playing," Beckham said. "I still want to continue to be the best that I can be and continue to represent my country in any way, shape or form." There is also speculation that boxing great Muhammad Ali could make an appearance in the opening ceremony after he appeared alongside Beckham at a Tuesday event in London.

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