Selleck Still Being Rediscovered After “Chistopher Columbus”


Tom Selleck is back with a vengeance with the sixth installment of "Jesse Stone" on CBS on Sunday and "The Killers" in theaters June 4. But the star admits he was almost knocked out of the biz by  "Christopher Columbus."

The 1992 flop is the only movie he speaks ill of. Selleck's King Ferdinand of Spain was widely criticized amid the rubble of the movie.

"I was only in it for like five scenes," Selleck, 65, tells USA Today. "It was a horrible movie. Gene Siskel hated it and reviewed my wig."

He took a break, spending time on his 60-acre ranch. "It was going to be a year off but it turned into three," he said. "Everyone thought it was because nobody was offering me any work."

There was a bright side. "I got to know Marlon Brando, that was cool," he said. "But the movie was not cool."

Selleck is back and ageless as ever. An icon in a disposable age. Long may the mustache reign even if the wig sucked.

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