Titanic: Artifacts and Memories

A new show in Buena Park features over 250 pieces recovered from the ship.

Titanic the Experience

QUEENS OF THE OCEAN: There'll likely never be a day when the passenger ships of yore don't hold our fascination. Modern ocean-liners, with all of their deluxe amenities and multiple pools and technological whizbang, do hold our thrall, but the idea of people dressing for dinner (and for breakfast and for lunch) and promenading up and down the deck and ladies in big hats and gentlemen in tuxedos at all times of the day piques the curiosity of history buffs and fiction fans alike. And the vessel that continues to draw our attention, over a century after its one and only voyage? It's the Titanic, of course. The stories that emerged from its last night, the heroics and the personalities and the people who witnessed its sinking are incredible, as was its opulence and majesty. Both sides of the ship's too-short, much-mythologized run emerge in Titanic the Experience, a new show that debuted on Thursday, Aug. 1 at the former Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park.

IN THE SHOW: Over 250 finds recovered from seven expeditions, expeditions that took place from 1987 to 2004, are part of the exhibit, as well a number of treasures found during an eighth trip below the waves in 2010.

AND RUNNING CONCURRENTLY... alongside Titanic the Experience? Bodies the Exhibition. "(R)eal, full-body specimens" lend insight into our corporeal natures, how our organs operate, and how everything really is connected to everything else, as the old song goes.

An adult admission to the Titanic exhibit is $16.75.

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