Tips on Flying Your Saucer Toward Comic-Con

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Dear San Diego. We're coming. We're ALL coming. We'll cc the 5 Freeway on this one, too, and maybe the 15. Are you prepared? We know the hotels and restaurants must be happy. Nearby shops. That Ralphs near the Gaslamp is always hopping. We stood in front of a very convincing Edward Scissorhands in the express line a few years back. He was buying one item: a very small carton of milk. Put that picture in your heart and keep it there.

We're thinking all about Comic-Con, of course, and the fact that a goodly slice of LA unloads onto the pretty shores of California's southernmost metropolitan area for a solid four days every July. Dates for 2009: July 23-26. It's exciting. It's colorful. It's also trafficky, and bustling, and you need to know how to get around, especially when you're hauling bags and t-shirts and giveaways and your 12-pound Klingon outfit.

The first question we're always asked upon running into friends at the con is this: train or car? Forget what panels we're seeing; people want the inside word on if you made it to San Diego faster/more efficiently than they did. And it seems like more and more attendees are Amtraking it. We support that. Plus, a relaxing ride with beachy close-ups. Bonus: You'll spy fellow fanboys/girls on the train, we're betting. Is there a friendship connection awaiting you? Fingers crossed.

But what to do when you get to San Diego? Writer Mark Evanier, who is wise on the ways of the industry and other local matters, has a great post on transportation around the city, taxis and so forth.

We've walked 10 -- 20? -- blocks through the Gaslamp loaded with comic book-based booty. Oh the arms. Cab it, we say, if you can.

Or, better yet: snag one of those hotel rooms that overlooks the convention center. Are we pea-green envious about the people who book those months in advance? Oh yes. Green like that lizard man who tussled with William Shatner so long ago.

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