Tiger Cub Found Roaming Neighborhood

A 3-month old Bengal-Siberian tiger cub was found roaming through the streets of Hemet, California on Thursday and sent to a shelter for aid.

The abandoned animal was transferred about 70 miles to an animal shelter in Phelan, which is licensed to handle and treat exotic animals and currently houses eight adult tigers.

"I have never seen a cub come through our doors in 20 years," said Joel Almquist, a wildlife expert.

"He's in good condition, in good spirits," he said.

The 25-pound cub was found declawed and will need surgery to remove a hernia from his abdomen. But he’ll get a lot of care - with regular bottle feedings, a meat-rich diet and plenty of room to run around.

The cub will stay at the shelter until the California Department of Fish and Wildlife decide where he’ll end up.

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