This Guy Almost Played Jon Snow on ‘Game of Thrones'

Are you sick of Jon Snow news yet?

No? Good, because this one's a doozy, and it has nothing to do with the unending nightmare of his possible death.

It's hard now to separate Jon Snow from actor Kit Harington. They are basically one in the same, to the point where Kit just looks positively wrong without a fur coat. However, once upon a time, a different actor was nearly up for the part of everyone's favorite know-nothing kid from the North, and he happens to play another one we all know and loathe named Ramsay Snow/Bolton.

Iwan Rheon, who portrays season five's most hated character (mostly thanks to his treatment of Sansa Stark), told The Telegraph back in April that he got extremely close to playing the show's most noble teddy bear.

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"I auditioned for the pilot of 'Game of Thrones', and was down to the last two for Jon Snow, so I guess they knew me," Rheon said of being cast as Ramsay.

He also revealed that when he was cast, he was only given the character of "Boy," so as not to give away plans to introduce Ramsay Snow into the show.

"But Ramsay is the complete polar opposite," of Jon Snow, Rheon said. "In my mind, I secretly thought it was Ramsay."

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