San Jose

Duffle Bag Filled With 4 Snakes, Lizard Stolen at San Jose Parking Garage

A Campbell man is asking for his four snakes and lizard back after the reptiles were stolen over the weekend in San Jose.

The theft was reported Saturday after reptile breeder Brian Gundy finished a show for kids at downtown's Martin Luther King Jr. Library. Gundy had the snakes and a 28-inch blue tongued lizard inside a duffel bag when they were taken at a parking garage near the library.

He left the boxes and a duffel bag stacked in the parking garage so he could pull his car around to load up equipment.

"In the 45 seconds to a minute-and-a-half I left my gear there, somebody took my duffel bag," Gundy said. "Disheartening and sad to think there are people out there looking for things to steal."

Gundy operates For Goodness Snakes and at times takes his show on the road to schools, libraries and birthday parties. He is worried his stolen reptiles won’t survive very long outside their climate-controlled enclosure.

Those who have seen his show also worry about the health of the snakes and lizard.

Retired librarian Kathy Boyd said Gundy's program is something kids look forward to.

"The kids are thrilled to be able to see the snakes and touch them," Boyd said. "It helps them lose their fear, it’s a good show."

Gundy worries that his show has lost some of its main attractions and hopes someone returns his reptiles, no questions asked. He has filed a police report and said is not interested in filing criminal charges if the reptiles are returned.

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