“The Voice” Recap: Cee Lo Green Joins a Contestant on Stage

An easy way to start a friendly fight between "The Voice" coaches? Put a hot guy on stage!

That's exactly what happened on Monday night's episode of the NBC hit reality show, when Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera duked it out for a very cute contestant, one that actually auditioned last season. So who ended up snagging the guy?

Plus, another contestant inspired Cee Lo Green to take the stage, one of Adam Levine's gets makes him so happy that he brushes some dirt off his shoulder and former Disney starlet Jordan Pruitt sings for her second chance at stardom during week three of the blind auditions...

Adam and Christina called a truce during the last episode

Michelle Brooks-Thompson is a 28-year-old juggling her singing career, working full-time at a bank and being a wife and mother. Her husband was an aspiring NFL star who made it on the St. Louis Rams' roster only to be dropped before the season even started. Bummer! Michelle performs "Proud Mary," a reality singing competition staple, which gets Adam, Cee Lo and Christina to turn around. "I would be very blessed and very honored to work with you," Adam gushes and Cee Lo says, "That's a song that's been sung a million times. You made it new, you made it fresh." Blake calls himself an "idiot" for not pushing his button. In the end, Michelle chooses Adam, who proceeds to brush that imaginary dirt off his shoulders.

25-year-old Diego Val is originally from Peru and suffered through a horrible disease that disintegrates your hip bones until you can't walk anymore when he was 8. When his grandmother gave him a guitar, he discovered his love of music and now performs at children's hospitals. "Music is something that can make anybody smile," he says. His half English-half Spanish version of "Animal" sounded pretty great to us, but only Cee Lo turns his chair. "What's wrong with y'all?!" he asks his fellow coaches. "I was OK with that," Adam explains of Diego being on Team Cee Lo, while Christina hints that she might "snatch" the singer from her fellow coach later on in the season.

32-year-old music teacher Suzanna Choffel wants to be on the show as tribute to her students. "It's time for me to shine," she says. "Landslide" is Suzanna's song of choice and we have to admit, this is one of our favorite auditions of season three (so far). Adam and Blake agree with us, pushing their buttons. "You bastard!" Blake says when Adam stresses that he turned first. "That's how friends talk to one another." Gotta love their bromance! While Suzanna calls the decision "a toss-up," she chooses Blake as her coach. "I'm so mad," Adam says. "She's so good, it's crazy."

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Blake also adds demo singer Ryan Jirovec and 16-year-old Internet radio host Michaela Paige to his team. "I'm feeling really good about the situation," the country star says of his three pickups.

Season two auditioner Dez Duron, a cutie who used to be on the Yale football team, decided to try out for the show again. "I don't regret the decision of leaving school to come out," he says of pursuing a singing career. "I'm definitely back here with something to prove." He sings "Sara Smile" and serenades Blake, Christina and Cee Lo into pushing their buttons. (Yes, all of them remember him from last season.) Christina pushes hard for Dez to pick her and Blake says, "This dude is good looking! I'm secure enough to say that to you. Man to man, you're hot." Christina pleads, "Don't break my heart!" Thankfully for her, Dez chooses to join her team. "F--k," is Blake's only response to the news.

VJ, 25, is a music teacher who is basically Cee Lo's biggest fan and decides to take a risk by singing the coach's hit song "Forget You." VJ puts a jazz spin on the song, but fails to inspire any of the judges to turn their chairs. "I can't think of an odder song for your voice," Blake says, while Christina says VJ didn't "spank" the lyrics the same way Cee Lo does. Cee Lo's opinion? "You have great, great taste in music!" He then joins VJ on stage to sing the song with him, coaching him to sing it with "sarcasm." It was a sweet moment between artist and fan, one that highlights why 'The Voice' is so special. "I just sang with Cee Lo Green!" VJ gushes. "He probably forgot he didn't even get picked," Cee Lo hilariously says.

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Alexis Marceaux is a singer-songwriter from New Orleans, who was evacuated from the city a day before Hurricane Katrina "It's been seven years, it was the most traumatic thing I have ever experienced," she recalls. "Everything was torn apart. It was chaos." Alexis' family lost their house and everything they owned, but she says, "I'm lucky to have [my family]." Alexis dedicates her performance of "Go Your Own Way" to her community. Cee Lo turns his chair, snagging Alexis for his team.

Adam added rocker Sam James to his team, Christina snagged Laura Vivas, a Latin pop singer and Blake picked up a fourth team member in this episode, Lelia Broussard.

Next up is Brandon Mahone, 17, who describes himself "a classical young guy." He proves this by singing a seriously smooth version of The Temptations' "I Wish It Would Rain." Adam immediately pushes his button, followed by Cee Lo and Christina. "You are a real soul singer," Adam gushes right before landing the soulful youngster on his team.

Did you catch the Justin Bieber look-alike auditioning for the show?

Jeffrey James is a valet at some restaurants in Nashville who is known to shamelessly leave his CDs in people's cars, just in case they are a record producer. Jeffrey sings Elvis' "A Little Less Conversation" and we're shocked that no one turned around. Blake and Adam explain that Jeffrey hit his stride too late, but say he's great. Still, Jeffrey is pissed and we can't say we blame him.

Former teen pop star Jordan Pruitt, 21, once had a recording contract with Disney and has toured with Vanessa Hudgens, The Cheetah Girls and was once romantically linked to Nick Jonas. Jordan left Disney last year because she wanted to make "more mature" music and believes one of the coaches can help build her as an artist. Her rendition of "The One That Got Away" gets Jordan's hero Christina to turn, with the coach saying, "I have been waiting for you!"

Last up is Terisa Griffin, 42, who has a whole lot of personality and experience. "I think you should never, ever stop dreaming," she explains of trying out for "The Voice." Terisa tackles Adele's hit song "Someone Like You" and while hesitant at first, Christina eventually pushes her button, as does Blake. After asking several questions, including "What will you, as a coach, do for me?" (eyeroll alert!), she chooses Blake. Christina is cool with it.

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