Policy Suggestions for the Departing Governor?

Usually, in a transition of power, interest groups spend lots of time making demands of the incoming governor while ignoring the outgoing governor.

But Gov-elect Jerry Brown has been so quiet and low-key -- and the departing incumbent Arnold Schwarzenegger so loud and public in his desire to do as much as he can in his five remaining weeks in office -- that many interests are focusing their suggestions on the departing incumbent.

The most detailed list of specific policy suggestions for Schwarzenegger comes from the California Endowment, a foundation that focuses on public health in the state. They have 15 specific policy suggestions, from trying to ban the use of food stamps to purchase sodas to creating a bicycle fleet for employee use to providing condoms in the state prisons. The full list, which is worth a read for its provocative ideas, can be found here, via the blog of Dr. Robert K. Ross, the endowment's president.

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