The Social Netflix: Streaming Getting FB Friendly

We're Americans. Our eyes are, normally, bigger than our stomachs (and that's saying something). So when Netflix came streaming into our homes our "add to queue" frequency went up considerably.

Now that the queue is dozens of titles long, Netflix is ready to help. Soon, users can split those queues from one big household account into individual accounts within that household, according to Netflix's quarterly letter to investors.

The new feature is part of an embrace of social networking, and Facebook, specifically.

According to AllThingsD, Netflix "sees social as an international user acquisition strategy and an opportunity to avoid disruption by a competitor that is more social." They've also moved their former chief of APIs over to handle social media planning.

Social engineering chief Mike Hart told “It’s very nascent, as of a couple days ago. “We’re entering a bunch of new markets, internationally. There will be less brand recognition, less word of mouth. So viral acquisition strategies have the potential to gain for us endless new markets.”

The new features also address the multiple screens that users have. Netflix hopes to make it easier for someone to watch a title on their iPad while another person in the home can watch a different title on a television, for example.

Any way you cut it, that base $7.99/month price just has to go up, right?

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