The Shoe-Wearing Penguin

Santa Barbara Zoo

FAMOUS FOOTWEAR: There are some pretty famous single shoes out there. Hi, Cinderella? Yep. That sole slipped-on heel is pretty world-renowned. But we'll also include the shoe worn by Lucky in that special group. Know Lucky and his shoe? If you don't, and you're sweet on penguins, and you go a bit soft over stories of humans helping animals lead better lives, then you should probably spend a few minutes getting acquainted. Lucky lives at the Santa Barbara Zoo, and when his foot bones weren't growing in the way they should be, the zoo vets talked to the people at Teva and had a fashionable little shod made for the tuxedo-wearer. Also nice? The zoo says Teva will keep making shoes for Lucky for the remainder of his happy-go-Lucky life.

YOU CAN HELP: If you're touched by all of this, you can make a donation to assist the winged celebrity and his penguin pals. Lucky has been at the zoo for a bit, of course, but ever since the zoo people posted a picture of his post-molt look we've been thinking of his single shoe. It's a nice story of human-penguin friendship. On another note, the zoo also just mentioned there's a new iguana in the house -- not the penguin house, of course, but the zoo itself -- so let's give it up for the scaly set, too.

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