The Pirates of Ventura Harbor

Did we say "Harbor"? Make that "Aarghbor."

Pirate Days Festival

THERE ARE PEOPLE... who consider every day, to some extent, "Talk Like a Pirate Day." Maybe it is the guy in the cubicle next to you, or your cousin's wife, or perhaps it is you. Are you a person who feels that the day-to-day needs more dash, more history, and far more tri-cornered hats and breeches than a typical day normally sees? Then your calender likely brims with other celebrations beyond those that happen on Sept. 19 (which is, of course, Talk Like a Pirate Day). Next up on the sea-worthy schedule? Ventura Harbor's Pirate Days, which cozies up to the perfectly named Spinnaker Drive (so you KNOW you are steps from the water). It unfurls exactly two months ahead of Talk Like a Pirate Day on Saturday, July 19 and Sunday, July 20, so if you want to start practicing those "arrrrrs" and "mateys," that's your place.

PIRATE RE-ENACTORS, AHOY: WIll Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook be in the house, or, um, adjacent to the ocean on Spinnaker Drive in Ventura? Of course (you can't keep those two away from a party). Will there be a number of acts, like Ship of Fools, The Pirate Charles, and Pirates for Hire, sea-shantying up the weekend and providing numerous entertainment-style delights? You bet. Can people attending dress up in their own vests and boots and frocks of the ye olden era? That is expected and welcome. And shall there be a kidly treasure hunt? Wee pirates would be mightily bummed if there was not.

AS FOR ADMISSION? No doubloons are required: It's free, pirate people, as is the parking.

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