The iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle's Days Are Numbered

It's not a huge surprise at this point, but it looks like we're living in the last days of the iPods Classic and Shuffle — Apple may be set to kill the two non-touch iPod models off at its iPhone event next week.

It makes sense; new touchscreen devices have made these two nearly obsolete. It's sort of sad to see the Classic go, it being the only device left that shares a form factor with the original, revolutionary iPod, but these things happen. As for the Shuffle, the iPod Nano is pretty much just as small, but it has a touchscreen so you can control it a lot easier. I'm sure the sales numbers for the Classic and the Shuffle aren't too great because of this.

So don't expect updates to these two models next week. If you want one, you'd better act now; Apple won't be making them for much longer.


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