Postwoman Makes World’s Smallest Letters

Goofy art project turns into a "small" business.

Good ideas come in small packages.

Just ask Lea Redmond, postmaster of the World's Smallest Post Service.

"I was actually waking up from a nap and the idea of a really ridiculously tiny letter just popped into my head," she said.

Redmond started transcribing small letters for people at local cafes. A few years later, she now makes her living sending small letters all over the world from her workshop in Oakland, California.

The one-inch long letters are "printed in a minuscule script font and come complete with a custom tiny envelope, miniature postage stamp, authentic red wax seal with your initial, and magnifying glass," according to her website.

Invitations, marriage proposals, love letters -- Redmond has seen them all.

"I've also sent a significant number of tiny letters from Santa's elves," she said.

Redmond's project even drew the attention of the United States Postal Service. They told her she was violating a trademark by using the term "Postal Service." After a little negotiating, she eventually changed her name from "World's Smallest Postal Service" to "World's Smallest Post Service."

After transcribing more than 6,000 letters, Redmond's all-time favorite is a poem written by a man for his wife. It said "To my wife who is my all / I send this card so very small / and though it's held by fingertips / the love inside could sink 10 ships."

"They really never get old for me," she said. "They're magical and adorable every single day."

Tiny letters cost $9 plus shipping. Visit to place an order or to check out some of Redmond's other cool projects.

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