Tetris to the Max

USC welcomes the World Tetris Championships.

When it comes to video game-based bragging rights, a few favorites always seem to make cameos in the conversation.

Yeah, for a certain set, Asteroids is way up there. Call of Duty, too. And Tempest? Maybe that's us. We could spin very fast.

But Tetris still has tons of good will and fanboy/girl love. Which means that the Tetris World Championships, which are headed for USC on Sunday, Oct. 16, will likely have hordes of people in colorful, puzzle-laden t-shirts all eager to show off their tetromino-wielding skills.

It's a day that's open to the public, so this won't merely be about you watching a guy who plays Tetris sixteen hours a day. You can get your chance in the spotlight, too. You only need to pay ten bucks and you're in for one qualifying round. Are your thumbs up to it? We think they are. (You should be over 18, too.)

Best of all its that one-of-a-kind day that focuses on a one-of-a-kind thing. Those are pretty rare, though we're thankful they come along pretty often in Los Angeles.

Here's a peek at last year's final round.

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