Terranea: Sea Salt Conservatory Celebration

Savor ONEHOPE wine at an unusual resort-based tasting spot, in Rancho Palos Verdes.

SIZABLE RESORTS... can offer a whole plethora of unusual amenities and distinct on-property destinations, the kind of happenings and locations that set them apart in a guest's memory. But, quite often, something comes along to a hotel that is a stand-out, both in theme and what that something offers. Example A? When the Sea Salt Conservatory debuted at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes in the spring of 2015, people likely had to pause and consider if they'd ever seen such a thing on the grounds of a hotel before. Moreover, this isn't just any sea salt conservatory, but one that houses salt that originates in the waves just beyond the handsome bluff that's home to the resort. Houses and assists the evaporation process that helps salt on its journey to our plates. Call it local sea salt, with Pacific cred, and call the chance to attend a special happening at the greenhouse-like building a pretty nifty thing, if you're into interesting foodie gatherings, not to mention wine tastings, too. For on...

FRIDAY, APRIL 7, Terranea Resort will partner with ONEHOPE Wine to host a Sea Salt Conservatory Celebration, which will mark the second anniversary of the flavorful little building. It's a complimentary wine tasting, but consider purchasing a bottle of ONEHOPE while there, as the company supports several organizations and causes that aid the natural world. In fact, the company donates half of its proceeds to these causes, the better to make a true "social impact" on the world. If you've never sipped wine at sunset in a sea salt conservatory, your chance is on the near horizon. Oh, and speaking of horizons, you can see Catalina Island from Terranea Resort, a stunner of a view, as well as that wide, wide, salty, mysterious, did-we-say-wide? ocean, the resort's epic neighbor.

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