Tea Party Members Vow to Hold GOP Accountable

Getty Images

More than 2,000 Tea Party members gathered for a weekend summit in Arizona to talk about ways to ensure the GOP lives up to the promises it made during the fall election season. The AP reports that attendees said Congress is too tentative when it comes to cutting spending and that the GOP is not taking a firm enough stand on tamping down the nation's debt. According to CNN, conservative talk show host Herman Cain, won a straw poll on who should be the next President of the United States. Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty came in second. The New York Times reports that Pawlenty recycled a "birther" joke during the summit that he used just weeks ago. "Now, I'm not one who questions the existence of the president's birth certificate," he said. "But when you listen to his policies, don't you at least wonder what planet he's from?"

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