Tally Ho to San Francisco’s King George Hotel

The Greystone Hotel still has all of its "pip pip" intact after its major renovation, with loads of charm to spare.

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TRAVELING FROM SAN FRANCISCO TO LONDON? It can be done, no spoiler alert required, but unless you're lucky enough to be hitching a ride with the TARDIS, or you happen to have the good Doctor's number handy, you'll be in the air for some hours, thanks to the 5,000+ miles that separate the two great cities. There is a way, however, to find some of that Anglo-tastic charm on this side of the pond, not far from Union Square, at the King George Hotel. The name is right on the dollar — er, the pound — and the look is beautifully Brit, from the red-topped billiards table to the grouping of classic bowler hats, serving as witty lampshades of sorts, that lend the location a lovely dose of London-o-sity. And that general vibe got much stronger in recent months, thanks to a redesign of the historic San Francisco destination, a full-scale brush-up that concluded in late summer. One festive focal point of the multi-million dollar rethink? It's the...

MASON SOCIAL CLUB, designed by Jacqueline McGee of Perkins & Will, "... which unites the lobby, bar, hotel, living room, technology center, and new games room into one cohesive, multifunctional space that is reminiscent of an English inn." That's where the red phone booth may be found, and the billiards table, and dart boards, too. Red, blue, and white? There's a lot of Union Jack hues woven throughout the grand (but relaxed) space. The "relaxed" end of things are boosted by the plush living room-like pieces of furniture, comfy couches and snug chairs that may be perfect for a gin & tonic from the nearby bar.

THE HOTEL... itself, part of the Greystone Hotels collection, was constructed over a century ago, and includes 153 relaxed but elegant rooms that also received a recent refresh. Where to find the luxe, London-esque stay-over spot? Call it the UK near the US, as in Union Square, for the King George is just a short walk away from the famous shopping/eating/everything hub. So pip pip, and onward, and indeed, tally and ho.

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