Man Gets Food Truck's Taco Tattoo to Land Free Food for Life

How far would you go for free tacos?

For one man, the answer will follow him his whole life.

Kris Kimber took up the owner of one Michigan food truck on a unique offer—free tacos for life with a tattoo of the food truck’s logo, according to Flint affiliate NBC25.

The tattoo, which landed a space on Kimber’s back, features Vehicle City Tacos’ initials on Flint’s famous arches and, of course, a taco.

“I don’t mind being a walking billboard. I’m always up for a good laugh,” he told NBC25.

Vehicle City Tacos owner Dan Moilanen says he got the idea from a place in Chicago called Hot Doug’s, which pledges to give anyone with a tattoo of their logo a lifetime supply of hot dogs.

“I think it shows dedication in a lot of ways,” he told NBC25. “It shows to me that they really do want to support a local business and they really do want to help get the word out there and be a part of what we're doing.”

Moilanen is still offering the deal, and expects to see more of his tacos tattooed on bodies around Flint. 

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