Tablet Unleashed

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TABLET UNLEASHED: Sure, you could plunk down a chunk of change for an iPad or Samsung's Galaxy Tab, though both won't get you what Archos new 10-inch Internet Tablet offers. It's lighter and thinner than an iPad and designed to run full web with Flash over a wireless N connection. If that detail doesn't matter much to you, think of it this way -- you can watch Hulu on it. Beyond the browser, the tablet runs the latest Android ("Froyo" 2.2) and is compatible with the thousands of apps available for all the Android phones out on the market. Gadget hounds (like yours truly) will be happy about the codec support, HDMI output, a full USB port, front facing webcam for video chatting, Bluetooth connectivity, and dedicated graphics processor with OpenGL support. Non-nerds will be thrilled they can do a heck of a lot more than the iPad can (video calls, anyone?) and only spend half the price. GET IT: $300 (with no contracts!),

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