Jodie Sweetin: I Was High at Olsen Twins' Film Premiere

In her new memoir Jodie Sweetin details her history of addiction and recovery

It turns out "Full House" sweetheart Jodie Sweetin wasn't so sweet.

The actress who played middle child Stephanie Tanner on the hit family drama fessed up about her meth addiction and admitted she hit the red carpet "high as a kite" during a movie premiere for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen several years ago, she reveals in a blockbuster new book.

In her new memoir, "unSweetined," the child actress reveals the gritty details of her addiction and ongoing struggle to stay clean and sober.

She claimed she had kicked her addiction to chrystal meth in interviews with "Good Morning America" in 2006 and again in the summer of 2008, but she now reveals that she continued using into December of last year. An excerpt from her memoir on reads:

It started one day, just a few months after my GMA spot, when I got a random phone call from a friend who I used with and who occasionally sold me drugs... We hung out, played cards. I told her I hadn't done meth in a while. One thing led to another and just like that, I was back.

Some of the other, more stunning anecdotes in the tell-all include a 14-year-old Sweetin throwing up after drinking too much wine at co-star Candace Cameron's 1996 wedding, according to US Magazine.

Another details snorting meth in a bathroom stall at the premiere of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's 2004 movie "New York Minute."

"I was pulling off the deceit. It was hard for people to believe I was doing that much drugs. I look at photos from that event, and I didn't even look strung out!," she told Us.

It wasn't until her addiction threatened her custody of her daughter that Sweetin cleaned up her act, she told US.

"I was flying to L.A. and I ended up taking a bunch of Nyquil and drinking a s---load. When I got home, I got a call that there was an emergency custody investigation because of my drinking. From that day forward, I threw myself into going to AA and avoided people who do blow off their coffee tables."

The memoir hits shelves Nov. 3.

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