Suspicions Grow on “Housewives”

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Oedipus, much? Angie changed in front of Danny, who asked if she was going to get her scar taken care of. She said she didn’t notice it anymore, and that it would cost money. When Danny said something snide about Nick’s spending, Angie reminded him that after the explosion (so ... there was an explosion?), Nick was there for her and is a good man. Danny said he’d make enough money someday to get her scar fixed and take care of her. Probably not if he drops out of school, though, as he threatened this episode.

The plot thickens: Angie bribed Porter (with money, beer and girls) into throwing Danny a party, at which Nick showed up and awkwardly hung out. Danny called him aside and asked him to go away, revealing to his dad that “I know.” Nick seemed to know exactly what Danny was talking about...

Our new suspect: Andrew visited Julie and unwittingly told Susan that she not only dropped out of med school, but she’s also been seeing a married man. Susan found Julie’s journal, but even there she referred to her boyfriend only as “D.” Julie wouldn’t tell Susan who “D” was, even though Susan said she wanted to know so the police could question him and possibly rule him out as a suspect. In the end, Nick Bolen showed up in Julie’s room, told a sleeping Julie that “It’s Dominick,” and that he’d missed her.

Use 'em while you got 'em: Tom was happy Lynette’s pregnancy boobs are back, but she was less than thrilled, since she had to hide them from Carlos. When Carlos noticed, it was OK, because he thought they were implants, and he wanted her to use them to score clients. After getting the clients to sign, Lynette told Tom how terrible it is to be objectified because of her boobs. He admitted he likes them, too, but then made cute about how not having boobs is Lynette’s one flaw so he doesn’t always wonder why someone as perfect as her is with him.

Bye-bye, John: When Ana told Gaby she loved John, Gaby headed to his restaurant to put a stop to it. He admitted he only flirted to see if Gaby still cared, and now he saw she did. She denied it, but he planted a kiss on her that she didn’t exactly resist. Ana caught them, and stormed out in a huff. Back at home, Gaby begged her not to hurt Carlos by telling him. When Carlos got home, Ana only told him she wanted to quit her job. Seems the brat has a heart, after all. Then Gaby sent the mall picture, torn in half, to John. And, with that, John was gone again.

Tough love: Katherine was completely cuckoo, insisting to Bree that Mike’s still in love with her and is just waiting for Julie to get better before he leaves Susan. After catching Katherine snooping outside Mike and Susan’s, Bree gave her three weeks’ mandatory sick leave, but Katherine came back and lost it again over the wedding cake Bree’s clients chose: Katherine and Mike’s cake. Bree and Katherine fought and destroyed the cake. When Katherine showed up for work the next day, Bree fired her and asks for her keys. Katherine handed them over — but only after keying Bree’s car.

Best line: Lynette, after Carlos gave her the company card to buy a dress that showed off her “assets”: “A man just gave me a credit card because of my boobs. That makes me feel less like a hooker.”

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