Suspect Slipped Out of Monitoring Anklet to Commit Home Invasions: Cops

One of two men arrested in connection with a string of crimes in New London, including a home invasion, slipped out of an electronic monitoring bracelet to commit the crimes, according to the arrest warrant. 

Jaden Alvarez, 20, of New London, and Marcus Delgado, 19, of Groton City, were arrested Nov. 29 and charged in two recent home invasions and two burglaries that occurred on Pacific Street, Crystal Avenue and Bank Street in New London.

The arrest warrant says Alvarez was able to slip out of an electronic ankle bracelet to commit the alleged crimes. It was an alibi to show he was home when the incidents occurred.

One victim said Alvarez was no stranger.

A 91-year-old resident of Pacific Street who was threatened and robbed said on on Monday that Alvarez is his neighbor's foster son. That neighbor's home was also targeted.

"He grabbed me by my sweatshirt like this and turned my head over," said 91-year-old Jack Egan, demonstrating while he spoke, "and had this big stun gun rat-a-tat against my neck."

Egan said he gave the men all the money he had.

The other home invasion occurred at 280 Crystal Avenue. According to police, Alvarez and Delgado used stun guns in both.

Alvarez and Delgado are also implicated in the burglary of another home on Pacific Street and the burglary of an ice cream store at 60 Bank Street, according to police.

Police said Alvarez was arrested while he was being held in police custody after being arrested on weapons charges on Nov. 29.

Delgado was arrested while watching a movie at the Waterford Regal Cinemas.

Both are charged with home invasion, conspiracy to commit home invasion, first-degree robbery, conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery and two counts of first-degree burglary.

Delgado is being held on $750,000 and Alvarez is being held on $1 million.

New London police were assisted by members of the Waterford and Groton City police departments.

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