Support Napa Valley: Meritage Resort Offer

The Napa destination will donate percent of your bill to the Napa Valley Community Foundation.

The Meritage Resort and Spa

HELPING NAPA VALLEY... after the fires that swept through part of wine country in October 2017? There are multiple ways to send money, give support, and show that you're firmly by the region's side. But one strong stance isn't very stance-y it all, if you think of "stance" as something that's still or immobile. The word is out that Napa Valley, and the rest of the county and Sonoma County and Mendocino County, would love to see you, and if that means a weekend at a hotel, a spa swing-by, a meal at a beloved lunch spot, or another outing around the area, terrific. Do it as soon as you can, after ringing or emailing to make sure the place you'd like to call upon is ready and eager to see you (stay positive). One Napa spot that is open, welcoming visitors, and contributing the the fire relief efforts is The Meritage Resort & Spa. The property is looking lovely, with fall's mellow hues tinging the leaves and yellow mustard, a Napa icon of the cooler months, making a show. To see all of this, and to contribute to the region's recovery, book the...

SUPPORT NAPA VALLEY... offer. It's priced at $160 per night — the usual price hovers around $200 — with "10% donation of your room rate" going to the Napa Valley Community Foundation. Moreover, if you're looking to buy some excellent cabernet during this highly cabernet-esque time of year, consider stopping by the property's Trinitas Cellars, where 30% will be donated to the foundation on purchases that include three or more bottles. More information, a peek at Meritage, and that give-back Napa spirit? Follow the colorful mustard and leaves and good vibes to the page with more information.

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