Summer Splashes Early as Knott's Soak City Opens

The H2O-filled fun place debuts over a month ahead of summer's official start.

COAX IT, though you may try, and ask it nicely, though you will, and yet? Summer still won't show up early, at least officially. The warmest season's annual arrival is set in stone, breezy and sunshiny though it may be, and asking the solstice to inch its way into May is a request best left unrequested. But, and there is a "but," the summer season does have a wonderful way of starting at the end of May, even if it isn't technically summertime just yet. And when a really summerish place opens ahead of May's final days, as in the almost-middle-part of May? Well, it can really feel as though summer has jumped ahead several weeks, just to see if it could make the leap. And one of the most splashy, sunbeamy spots in Southern California honored a mid-May opening, or nearly mid-May opening, on Friday, May 18. Grab your swimsuit, your cover-up, your flip-flops, and your shades, for...

KNOTT'S SOAK CITY WATERPARK... is debuting for the waterparkiest season on the calendar. That season'll swim from May 19 right through to Sunday, Sept. 9, which means if you're a waterpark buff, you'll bask in well over three months of classic H2O enjoyment at the Buena Park destination. It's billed as "Orange County's largest outdoor waterpark," and it is big, with 15 acres to roam. The two newer slide water towers will be open, too — hello, Shore Break and The Wedge — with the former standing at seven stories tall and the latter serving those visitors who like a rafting-style experience. May Gray has settled in, as it does, which may be one reason summer keeps to its late June debut. But look here: The weather will grow warmer as May winds down, so your first waterpark trip of the summer could be a hot one. Well, not "of the summer," exactly, but of the spring, which has a way, around SoCal, of looking summery, sometimes. For prices, hours, and all of the splashy stuff you need, take off your goggles for two shakes and paddle your way to the Knott's Soak City site pronto.

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