Stroll a ‘Sonic Labyrinth' in Paso Robles

The new Sound Circle at Allegretto Vineyard Resort invites guests on a look-within journey.

ALIGHTING UPON A LABYRINTH? You might do just that, if you're at the right museum, or the right spa, or the right garden, or the right retreat. But while the (often) circular or oblong experiences do have a way of showing up in all sorts of wonderful spots, finding a labyrinth to stroll, all while looking within and contemplating bigger issues, isn't always the simplest of tasks. But Allegretto Vineyard Resort in Paso Robles is eager to connect its guests with the world of labyrinth-loving, and in an unusual way, too. For the recently opened pathway at the 171-room resort has been dubbed a "Sonic Labyrinth," a "Sonic Circle" that "... utilizes music and space as a way to compel guests to slow their pace and become more mindful." 

MOTION SENSORS: How to become fully immersed in this aural experience, one that uses different flows and notes to help the labyrinth visitor have the optimal experience? There are no switches to flip or buttons to press; rather, motion sensors read the movement of guests, and that movement leads to a "series of soft, soothing tones that evolve as one walks through the labyrinth." What will those soothing tones sound like, exactly? Doug Ayres, proprietor of the property, says that "(t)he idea is not to have a musical melody, exactly, but to have different notes of harmonic sound to help evoke various emotions, ultimately creating a calming state of mind through a transformative experience."

FOR MORE INFORMATION... on the Allegretto Vineyard Resort and its lovely labyrinth, just as we head into the busy harvest and festive fall season, walk with contemplation and intent in the direction of the elegant getaway's site now.

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