Steve Jobs Died With Bill Gates' Letter By His Side

In Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, the late Apple co-founder had little positive to say about Bill Gates.

In the book Jobs said Gates "would be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram."

But those harsh words thawed towards the end of Jobs life, according to Gates.

The former head of Microsoft, who Jobs once accused of stealing from Macintosh to develop Windows, said he spent a lot of times with the former Apple CEO in the last year of his life.

Gates told an audience in London recently that his relationship with Jobs began to change when he left Microsoft in 2007 to do philanthropic work.

"Steve and I did an event together, and he couldn’t have been nicer…I got a fair bit of time with him in his last year," Gates said, according to the Telegraph.

Just a few months before Jobs passed away, Gates visited him and spent hours talking about the past and the future and he wrotes Jobs a letter praising him for his work and talking about getting to know his children.

After Jobs died, his widow, Lauren Powell Jobs, called Gates to make sure to clear the air.

"She said; 'Look, this biography really doesn’t paint a picture of the mutual respect you had.’ And she said he’d appreciated my letter and kept it by his bed," Gates said about his conversation with Powell.


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