Stars Speak Out Over Balloon Boy: ‘I'd Ground … For Freaking Me Out'

Celebrities tweet their concern over missing boy

Falcon Heene may have been found safe and well in his parents' Colorado home, but when it was being reported that the 6-year-old boy might be floating through the sky in a silver balloon, celebrities pledged to help.

"Me and and couple of dudes are up in airwolf trying to track balloon boy down," Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz wrote on his Twitter account shortly before authorities discovered the youngster never left his home. "Well chopper tow him in."

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Later, the bassist admitted he had nothing to do with the super helicopter from the 1980s television series, once a fan noted the boy had been found.

"sweet cos i dont really own airwolf it went off the air in the 80s i think," Pete wrote.

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Other stars, like Marlee Matlin, who during the boy's flight that didn't actually happen, Tweeted their concern. But when Falcon was found safe and well, Marlee was one of many who turned motherly.

"I'd ground #Balloonboy for month for freaking me out if I were his mom," she wrote. "but then two hours later I'd be kissing him all over for being safe."

"The View" panelist Joy Behar offered a similar sort of musing.


"Good news: turns out Falcon Heene wasn't inside that floating Jiffy Pop bag after all," she wrote. "The bad news: the kid is now grounded until he's 18."

Kirstie Alley jumped for joy when she heard news the little boy was OK.

"YAYYYY..THE LITTLE BOY ON THE BALLOON IS ALIVE AND WELL!!!" she wrote. "YAYYYY..happened to a friend of mine.Hid under bed,when bad, fell asleep,PANICK!!"

And just as fast as the news broke, the fake flight turned into a joke.

"Hopping in my balloon and Going to the gym," Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden Tweeted.

"P.s. I'm glad that little kid is ok. i was worried," he later added.

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