Spring Doing: Highway 1 Discovery Route

Thinking of a road trip come March or April? A scenic thoroughfare awaits.

Highway 1 Discovery Route

MARCH'S OTHER MAJOR TO-DO: No one will say you shouldn't indulge in some spring cleaning come March or April, especially since you've likely spent a bit of the winter shoving various things into various cupboards and closets. True, you vowed, as you shoved, that you'd return in a few months to deal with the clutter, and that's a good thing, for sure. But spring cleaning, as a calling and a pursuit, should not dominate what is one of the loveliest, soul-awakening-est moments of the year. March is also about crocuses and dragonflies and all of the touchstones of poetry, and if we can swap out spring cleaning for spring doing, at least over a long weekend, well, we should, what with life's fleeting ways and such. You don't need to go too big on the spring doing front, if a mondo vacation to some faraway island isn't in the cards; you can simply alight upon one of the Golden States iconic locations, or a series of them, if you take a certain road that is next to a certain ocean. Hint: It starts with a 1.

MANY A CALIFORNIAN... has driven a portion of Highway 1, at least in part, but fewer can claim that they stopped at several famous destinations along the way. To solve this admittedly delightful dilemma, there's the California Highway 1 Discovery Route, which wraps up a bevy of beautiful, historic, and natural sights into one map-ready adventure. For sure, the map on your phone shows how Highway 1 wends, but if you check out the route's HQ you'll spy several stops along the way, and the pertinent information for each. There's Ragged Point, and San Simeon, and further down the way Avila Beach and Nipomo. Each location comes with sub-categories that highlight places to stay and to dine, which helps the whole streamlining process to the max. And isn't spring about the streamlining, from cleaning out the cupboards to planning a quick trip to awaken our slumbering senses? If the senses do slumber a bit, in the winter, that's just fine, and expected, but spring isn't only for organizing. It's for organizing one's larger life, and spying seals, and vistas, and castles. Good thing that there's a road nearby that can help put us in touch with all of those sights.

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