Attention “Last Song” Extras: Please Lose In Volleyball to Liam Hemsworth

One of the big challenges in film Miley Cyrus's new flick "The Last Song" was finding credible volleyball players who would lose to co-star Liam Hemsworth.

Hemsworth admitted at the movie's press day that learning volleyball was the hardest part of the gig. Especially difficult for Miley Cyrus's co-star (and offscreen beau)  was a tournament scene filmed in front of 300 fans.

"They made us look stupid," Hemsworth laughed about the other team. "I'd throw a spike down and expect to get a point, turn around to high-five my buddy. And I'd look back and the ball was coming back."

Director Julie Ann Robinson admitted she had to give an unusual set directive. "I'd be shouting over the mic, will the other team please lose," she said.

"Yeah, stop winning," Hemsworth added. "It was a good shot. Just leave it."

Hemsworth has the lean, athletic build of a volleyball player and had some experience. But clearly not as much as he promised the filmmakers before he took the part. "It takes a lot of skills to play that game and I didn't have them," he said. "We did good against the extras who hadn't played before."

At one point he even asked Robinson for a volleyball double. Eventually, he made do. "I got better," he said.

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