Sip a Pink Flamingo Milkshake in Palm Desert

Find the spectacular sweet at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa.

DESERT AND DESSERT: What's your favorite homophone pairing? It just might be "desert" and "dessert," which can be pronounced the same way, if you mean "desert" in the "to leave" sense. But if you're talking about the desert, as in a beautiful and dry landscape, one that's full of ocotillos and tortoises and wonders galore, then you're not saying, well, "dessert." It is a-ok, though, if the concept of the desert, as in the arid landscape, and the concept of dessert, as in a sweet treat, become a little melty in your mind, at least when calling upon the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Dessert. Oh, did we just type "Palm Dessert" there? We're just joshing, of course: The city is pretty Palm Desert. And there just happens to be a dessert in the desert these days that's popping up on plenty of Instagram around Southern California. It's the giant...

PINK FLAMINGO MILKSHAKE, a sippable social media superstar, and the list of lovely items it contains is long. Did macaroons make the list? You bet. How about cotton candy? Def. Miniature doughnuts are there, too, and sprinkles, and lollipops, all to add further whimsy to this extravagant creation. Can alcohol be added for milkshake mavens who happen to be 21 or over? That can be done, yes. Will you take about a dozen photos before even trying it? Maybe a dozen is too low for such a photo-wowza fantasy of a desert. We mean, er, dessert. The price? Sixty dollars with alcohol and $50 without. And the Pink Flamingo Milkshake isn't a random name, either, for real-life flamingos and the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa go way back.

WHAT ELSE IS HAPPENING... at the pool-splashy resort? A fireworks display on the Fourth of July is one big event, and if you'd like to picnic on the driving range, that can be arranged (there will be "artisanal" picnics, overseen by Executive Chef Peter Smith, for purchase). Dive In Movies have also returned, if you like a little H2O time paired with the action on the big screen.

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