Sex Offenders Want to Use Facebook

State laws banning registered sex offenders from using social networks, such as Facebook, have galvanized sex offenders to fight against the laws in state courts.   

Sex offenders have successfully challenged many of the restrictions, arguing that the laws infringe on free speech and their right to participate in common online discussions, the Associated Press reported.
Legal battles occurred in Indiana, Nebraska and Louisiana  where public outrage was challenged by the first amendment. The laws would mean that sex offenders could not use Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites with instant-messaging programs. Authorities claim the bans are needed to protect children from pedophiles who troll the Internet. 
While there are laws against prisoners using Facebook in California, it apparently doesn't stop them. While most use contraband mobile phones for mundane Facebook updates, one prisoner used Facebook and MySpace to find his 17-year-old victim and send pictures and letters to her home address.
But laws against registered sex offenders using social networks occurs after they get out of prison. While its arguable states should prevent sex offenders from using social networks such as LinkedIn, people are less tolerant of Facebook where anyone 13 and older can post.
And those supporting the ban may have good reason. At least one of the sex offenders caught by the ban on social networks in North Carolina was arrested for propositioning young girls on Facebook.
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