Send Your Kids to Apple Camp

We suppose you could call it Camp Apple, but it's only a three-day filmmaking workshop for kids 9 to 12, held for free at Apple stores around the country.

Campers are encouraged to bring their own Macs, digital cameras and earphones. Each of the three 1 1/2 hour classes gives the kids a part of filmmaking.

Day 1 consists of creating a storyboard and creating an original soundtrack in GarageBand. Parents can also be taught how to set parental controls on the Mac. Day 2 gives kids an intro to iMovie and instructs them on creating their film. Day 3 is set aside for a film festival.

Although admission to the three-day workshop is free, looking through the various locations, many of the slots are already full. While some areas are full and the wait list closed, others have spaces available.

Our advice is to check on a few neighboring suburbs or stores (San Francisco's Stonestown location is full, but Chestnut Street still has spots) if you really want your kid to take the class. 

The workshops are part of Apple's outreach to the Apple community and to, obviously, create new, younger Apple consumers.

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