School Investigates After Student Films Bus Driver Apparently Texting While Driving

The school said it is investigating the incident and the bus driver is not on active duty while the investigation is ongoing

A far southwest suburban school is investigating after a student recorded a bus driver apparently texting while driving.

Noah LaBarge, a sophomore at Ottawa Township High School, between Chicago and Peoria, captured the video that was posted to Facebook Tuesday, claiming he caught the driver texting while taking students home from school.

"So we had a sub today and i caught her texting 4 times when she was taking us home," LaBarge wrote in the caption.

The video — viewed more than 72,000 times — has prompted concerns from parents and students at the school.

"I started taking video because she was like starting to swerve and stuff and we knew you're not supposed to text and drive in Illinois," LaBarge told NBC Chicago. 

Other students on the bus reported feeling the bus swerve periodically during the drive.

"She was on her phone and then I caught her swerving like 5 feet out and then come back in," said student Derek Rieuf.

In a statement, superintendent Michael Cushing said the school is investigating the incident. 

"Ottawa Elementary and Ottawa Township High School are aware of the alleged incident, are actively investigating the alleged incident, and can confirm the driver is not on active duty while the investigation is ongoing," Cushing said in the statement.

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