Scenic Bash: Catalina Film Festival

Over 90 works'll shine around beautiful Avalon.

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OCEAN + MOTION PICTURES: No one needs to be told that filmmakers are rather fond of the great bodies of water, specifically oceans, specifically the sorts of oceans that make for amazing opening and/or closing shots (the kind of shots where the audience feels as though they're zooming just over the waves, like a gull might). But actually viewing a film on an island is something that happens far less than seeing an island or the ocean on screen, and getting to do so at a starry and celebrated film festival is even rarer. That all changes every autumn, however, when actors and directors and fans hop a boat or copter and make for Avalon, the hub of the annual Catalina Film Festival. Running for five film-lush days, from Sept. 29 through Oct. 2, the festival will hail bright lights, dig into documentaries, throw a few parties, host a few talks, and enjoy a bouquet of features. Some of those features will unspool in one of the Golden State's grandest cinemas, the Art-Deco'd delight that is the...

AVALON THEATRE: "Beneficiary" will have its world premiere there, while other spots around Avalon, from Metropole Hall to Lancer Auditorium, will also host cineawesome doings. Eye all the 2016 picks, from shorts to animation, and plan your movie-watching, ocean-viewing getaway accordingly. And since you can't quite decide one afternoon to drive over to the local theater to join the festival fun, you'll need to plan in advance, especially if you want to bed down in an Avalon inn. For all the films, including "Sheep and Wolves" and "Desert," click. As always, the Catalina Film Institute will pay tribute to the memory of a longtime festival friend Wes Craven through a series of scary flicks.

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