Liev Schrieber Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live', Pete Davidson Meets Dan Crenshaw

Lt. Cmdr. Dan Crenshaw's phone rang during his appearance on "Weekend Update," and he had a special ringtone for Pete Davidson

After getting plenty of backlash for making jokes about an Afghanistan war veteran, Pete Davidson met his match on the fifth episode of the 44th season of "Saturday Night Live."

In a surprise appearance, Lt. Cmdr. Dan Crenshaw, who was the butt of some of Davidson's jokes on last week's episode, took part in "Weekend Update." Davidson had made fun of Crenshaw, the Republican Congressman-elect for Texas's 2nd Congressional District, for wearing an eye-patch due to an injury sustained while serving in the Navy in Afghanistan. 

Crenshaw seemingly took the mockery in good spirits, showing Davidson that even politicians can joke. Crenshaw forgave Davidson, but not before his cellphone went off — to the ringtone of Ariana Grande's "Breathin." Grande and Davidson recently called off their engagement. 

In the cold open for Saturday Night Live this week, Kate McKinnon reprised her role as former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, joined by Robert DeNiro in a special guest appearance as special counsel Robert Mueller. 

In his opening monologue, host Liev Schrieber lamented that he lacks humor but reminded the audience that he is a famous actor with a lot of money and a nice apartment. Schrieber also took the time to make address the midterm elections.

The episode's musical guest was Lil Wayne, who performed two songs with artists Halsey and Swizz Beatz. With Halsey, Lil Wayne performed his song "Can't Be Broken", from his latest album "Tha Carter 5". 

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