Bernie Sanders Announces Paul Kirk Endorsement

Clinton and Sanders are neck and neck in Iowa, but Sanders is opening up a big lead in New Hampshire according to the most recent Monmouth Poll.

Bernie Sanders announced his stop at Dartmouth Wednesday late morning, by Thursday afternoon, nearly two thousand people changed their plans to be at the Spaulding auditorium.

"We don't represent the billionaire class, we don't represent corporate America, we don't want their money, we're going to do it another way," Sanders said to a cheering crowd.

And he has - with more than 2.5 million individual contributions averaging just 27 dollars a piece.
"He's here for the people, I think we need some compassion in America right now," said Norwich, VT resident Lulu Fairclough-Stewart.

Before the public event, Sanders held a press conference where he answered questions about Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

"They're mad at me today, they're mad at me yesterday, they're mad at me tomorrow, they're going to be mad at me for a long time," he said to reporters.

Thursday, Clinton's camp accused Sanders of directly attacking the former Secretary of State in his latest ad which takes a not-so-subtle jab at Clinton accepting donations from Wall Street.

Clinton says Sanders broke his promise of a clean campaign. Sanders disagrees.

"This is not a negative ad, everybody knows there are two divisions in the Democratic party," Sanders said when asked about the ad.

Clinton is also warning voters that Sanders plan for universal health care would raise taxes for the middle class. Sanders says just the opposite.

"I want to end the absurdity of American people being force to pay by far the highest cost per capita of any major country on earth," he said.

Also Thursday, longtime Ted Kennedy aide and former Massachusetts Senator Paul Kirk announced that he too is joining the crowd in "feeling the Bern."

Critics have been calling on Sanders to release the details of his universal health care plan. Sanders promised Thursday to make his plan public before the Iowa caucuses on February first.

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