Samsung' New 2GHz 10-inch Galaxy Tab Could Rival iPad 3

Haven't jumped on the tablet train yet? Good, because an informed bee says that Samsung's going to announce the beefiest Galaxy Tab yet, with a fetching high resolution screen and the latest bite of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Sounds yummy.

Android and Me's Taylor Wimberly says that he's seen a 10-inch Galaxy Tab with a 2GHz dual-core Exynos 5250 processor, a 2560x1600 resolution display running Android 4.0.x and should be shown off at next month's Mobile World Conference in Barcelona.

Why the big hoopla? Wimberly says the 2GHz dual-core processor is a huge deal:

Basically we should see twice the compute power, insane memory bandwidth(12.8 GB/s), 5x the graphics horsepower, and all day battery life.

Taking a look at last year's blow-for-blow courtroom battles between Apple and Samsung and it looks like the Korean electronics giant isn't going to be content with playing second fiddle to the Cupertino team this year, either.

Apple's iPad 3 is rumored to have a powerful quad-core A6 processor, a fat battery that could last up to 20 hours and of course a eyeball-bustin' Retina Display.

Samsung's mighty new Galaxy Tab would ensure it gives Apple's iPad a good run for its money, even if it doesn't have a robust ecosystem of apps like iTunes or Amazon services. At least, Samsung would be able to compete in terms of brute power and eye candy. For general tablet-use (Web browsing and watching videos), that's all that really matters.

Android and Me, via Ubergizmo and Ausdroid

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