The 2016 SAG Awards by the Numbers: All the Tequila, Salmon and Carrots the Stars Will Enjoy at This Year's Show

A breakdown of all the bubbly and other items at the annual ceremony.

In the lead up to the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday, here are some other numbers you may never learn by just watching the Hollywood ceremony from the comfort of your couch.

There's a lot of time between the industry's greatest stars first setting foot on the red carpet and hearing their named called to retrieve an Actor statuette. To start, each person attending the show is faced with over 17,000 square feet of red carpet to mingle on.

If that's not enough steps to get the heart pumping, for the actor or actress lucky enough to be called up on stage, they can actually start doing bicep curls with their award, which weighs in at 12 pounds of solid bronze and stands 16 inches tall.

Rest assured, any star who is honored with The Actor has faced a tough crowd – over 100,000 of their own peers were eligible to vote in this year's competition.

Once someone wins, rest assured there's plenty of bubbly to go around in celebration. With nearly 1,200 bottles of wine, over 150 bottles of tequila, 722 bottles of Fiji water and nearly 500 bottles of champagne, no glass will stay dry for long.

For the ceremony's "garden" theme, more than 200 actors and actresses will enjoy the sights of more than 5,000 white roses and over 1,000 orchids.

Warning: this isn't a bat mitzvah. While they can admire from afar, the stars aren't allowed to take any of the floral arrangements home with them, head florist Chris Matsumoto shared with E! News. 

While we oggle over star's diet secrets, there's no surprise about what they'll be eating come the night of the show. Chef Wolfgang Puck will be catering the event with a menu calling for 450 pounds of salmon, 500 pounds of jidori chicken, 300 pounds of heirloom carrots, 1,800 meyer lemons, 800 strawberries and nearly 5,000 pieces of good 'ol bread.

From the looks of the menu and hefty bar supply, everyone will leave a winner no matter who goes home with that bronze statue.

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