Rozlyn Papa Speaks Out Again Over ‘Bachelor’ Scandal

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Rozlyn Papa has spoken out again about being kicked off "The Bachelor."

In a new interview with "Fisher in the Morning" on Mix 103.7 in Richmond, Virginia, Rozlyn continued to insist she did not have a sexual relationship with one of the show's producers. In fact, she said she didn't even kiss the gentleman.

"There was no making out," Rozlyn said. "Unfortunately, I did not 'get any' out of this big sex scandal that supposedly happened. If I had known I was gonna get accused of it, maybe I would have gone for it."

When asked if she just did the show for the fame, Rozlyn admitted that her desire for that kind of attention did play some role in her decision to be a part of the franchise.

"A little bit," she answered. "[I was accused of being] there for the wrong reasons is what one of the girls said and I'm not really sure what the right reasons are for being on a reality TV show. I think that it should be 'for the experience,' just hoping for the best.

"I think I was there more just to have a good time and I think I got a burned for that a little bit" she continued. "My dad said to me last night, 'Any publicity is good publicity, just roll with it.'"

As for show host Chris Harrison, he insisted in an interview with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush that Rozlyn did indeed have a relationship with a producer.

"There was 100 %, no lie, no doubt, that a physical relationship had and was taking place with one of our crew members with Rozlyn while [she was] on the show," Chris said.

And today, Rozlyn's past reared it's ugly head as two 1999 arrests for petty theft have surfaced. Both cases were reportedly dismissed.

Regardless of what happened on set, Rozlyn said her hugely publicized exit was all done for TV ratings.

"I think eventually it will come out that this is all hype for the show," she told Mix 103.7.

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