Ronald Reagan Hologram to Speak at RNC?

Speculation also considers GW Bush, Colin Powell and Nancy Reagan.

The final day of the 2012 Republican National Convention has a "to be announced" speaker slotted just before Senator Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney.

Speculation has been flying that it could be anyone from Tim Tebow to Clint Eastwood, but the one rumor that has everyone's attention is a prediction by FOX News' Trace Gallagher, who speculates the ghost of Ronald Reagan will make an appearance.

“Maybe a hologram of… Ronald Reagan,”  Gallagher says. “They could do it now with technology. And the word is, maybe they just put Ronald Reagan up on the screen using a little bit of media magic to have Ronald Reagan endorse.”

The Reagan theory is also the most popular response in a poll pitched by The Caucus blog, which is run by The New York Times, asking the public who they think the mystery speaker might be.

This comes after Tupac Shakur made a surprise resurrection at the Coachella Music Festival to perform with Snoop Dogg (Lion).

Maybe we'll get to see Mr. Reagan busting a rhyme with Donald Trump.

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